Electronic Data Interchange Services

asp4edi is a turn-key solution for MANMAN OMAR EDI eCommerce connectivity. Unlike an EDI product-only solution, asp4edi provides a highly integrated services component ensuring nearly 100% uptime for data interchange. The asp4edi portfolio of services includes real-time monitoring, communications, security and translations. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 products 2 services 3 solution

Why your business should consider asp4edi

Featuring EDiX® application interface software, the asp4edi solution will improve exchange timing and efficiencies, virtually eliminate errors and provide a seamless interface to your existing MANMAN ERP application suite.

The asp4edi solution difference -- our people. Highly trained support personnel who monitor the maps, the network connectivity, data integration and data translation to ensure every exchange is just like the last one.

Each trading partner has unique requirements... it's what keeps you up at night

Whether you need to interface to a single trading partner or to hundreds of them, the asp4edi solution will scale to support your strategic business requirements. It seems that every trading partner has their own unique set of requirements. The number of partners involved multiplies and magnifies the problem. How does your enterprise effectively manage and monitor every aspect of the exchange (with the differences in software, hardware, mapping, translations, api's, jobstreams, networks, protocols, and standards involved)?

This EDI solution is tailored for MPE, the HP3000 and MANMAN

With over twenty years of systems & applications management expertise in ASK MANMAN, the asp4edi team is the only ASP EDI offering available, providing continuous uptime, SLA and technical support for all aspects of your EDI requirements (data translation, integration, network connectivity/ security, support and trading partner collaboration)-- available as an annual support service.

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